Projects to Promote Interdependence



It’s a Shareable Life
Book teaching people how to save money, make money and lead richer, more fulfilling lives using the sharing economy.


An event and speaker series supporting the sharing economy in the Silicon Valley and beyond.


Destination Coworking
Through Startup Abroad, entrepreneurs retreat to live and work together internationally.


Tiny House Village
A endeavor to create a flexible lifestyle coliving community with tiny houses near San Francisco.

Sharing Economy Practitioner & Interdependence Consultant

Chelsea is a sharing economy practitioner and interdependence consultant with projects that range from co-authoring a book on leading a shareable life to building a tiny house village (in progress) near San Francisco.

Through her work, she builds movements and community around the practical applications of doing more with less, focusing on experiences over stuff.

Chelsea grew up in a small town Oregon. This is where she discovered the power of the internet, coming of age with her heart set on the interconnectivity of the decentralized network. She sees a future where we break down perceived barriers, communicate across lines, and build a more empathetic, egalitarian world.

Today, she’s working diligently to build that reality – along with her paradigm shifting generation who yearns for more purposeful, conscious living – lives that hold meaning and connection above all else.

Read more about Chelsea on her blog and in the press. If you’re interested in working with Chelsea,  check out her approach to consulting as well as where she’ll be speaking next.