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Consulting Methodology & Approach

Chelsea’s work centers around creating a more visibly interdependent world, where people are conscious of their actions, one another, and building village-like communities. Her tactical experience includes digital marketing, storytelling, and analytics. With these skills and ability to generate meaningful connections, she hones practical talents along with a voice that people listen to and act on.

Building an audience through experiences

Human beings feel first and later rationalize their experiences or actions. Creating experiences where people can understand the sentiment of your company or organization – to connect with the very reason you exist, will help generate true fans who will feel inclined to tell their friends, recommend you, use your service, buy your product or follow and share your social streams. To build an audience, you must connect the digital world with real life experiences.

Crafting an authentic voice

Getting an understanding of why you do what you do is the first part of creating an authentic voice. The voice is not simply crafted out of a persona – the voice, in fact, arrives as a result of getting clear on what the goal of your endeavor is. If you operate a values driven organization, what are your values? And if you know the values, how do the values inform what success looks like? As these questions are informed and answered, Chelsea can help you speak in a way that gives your mission a personality.

Telling stories

Storytelling reaches as far back as human history, which is why anything you do in life requires good communication. Without an authentic voice, stories are meaningless. So capturing the story requires a tone and a personality, but the tale also requires a good deal of show-and-tell, which can come in the form of case studies, testimonials, interactive videos, blog posts, and press releases. No one cares about what your widget does, they care what your widget can do for them – how the widget can positively impact their life. And what better way to understand this than through compelling stories that people can relate back to themselves?

Interacting with users

Your customers have the keys to the kingdom. They know what you need to do to make their lives better, easier, and more enjoyable. By communicating directly with the customers or businesses that actually use your product, you can tell their stories using your authentic voice – thereby creating an audience through experience. Ya like what I did there? *wink* All of these ideas wrap around one another.

Choosing and rewarding champions

Now that you’re all zen – know who you are and why you’re selling what your selling, have told some stories, and have strong relationships with your customers, the answer to this question should be uncovered with ease. Who are the people that tell you to call them when you have questions or send emails with unsolicited feedback, beckoning to help, to be part of the process and to be a part of the story (by the way, if you don’t have these people – you’re not doing it right!). Once you identify who these people are, you can more formally offer them a way to connect and interact with the company in a more defined way.

Measuring what works

First, you have to define what works. And just what exactly does “what works” mean? The things we measure “that work” are known your key performance indicators (KPIs). And these mystery performance indicators come from working backwards with your mission at the top – what do you want people to do? How will you know when your successful? And by extrapolating that, you can invest more money into the very areas that quite simply, work.