Chelsea Rustrum – Sharing Economy Speaker, Author, Consultant

Chelsea Rustrum, Sharing Economy Expert, Author, Consultant, Speaker

Chelsea Rustrum quickly understood the power of global connectedness, starting her digital transformation at just 14, when she built her first internet business.

If there’s one idea that inspires and motivates Chelsea Rustrum, the word is interdependence.

The road Chelsea Rustrum traverses is purposefully winding, intuitively led, and self directed. She’s an entrepreneur, author, community strategist, sharing economy expert, international speaker, destination coworking wonk, and a leader in the field of platform cooperatives and shared value.

Her first book, titled “It’s a Shareable Life,” explores the practical elements of what it means to share your home, creativity, transportation, food, work, and more through a narrative of experimentation, telling her story and those of others who shared their way to a more fulfilling, richer life, on the way to digital transformation.

As the sharing economy took off and leading companies started touting valuations of $25–100 billion, Chelsea took a closer look at what sharing means on a fundamental and structural level. She’s always believed that sharing doesn’t need to be an app if it’s built into the way that one runs their life. Chelsea Rustrum firmly believes that value in the form of ownership and governance must be shared, integrating the movement of sharing from our consciousness into business.

Learn how Chelsea Rustrum can infuse your marketplace with strategic joy, speak to shared value in the future, and help your enterprise understand the shift

Request Chelsea Rustrum
  • As a keynote speaker and panelist for tech conferences, festivals, educational events, at universities, for government, etc. on the topic of Moving from a Sharing Economy to a Shared Economy, covering ways the any type of business can think about shifting their model to more directly align with their community of customers and peers
  • As a cunning convener for new economy panels and technical discussions on creating and shifting traditional models
  • As a workshop facilitator for discussions on shared value concepts and implementations for organizations of types including companies, cities, governments, and conferences
  • As a speaker and facilitator for organizations and teams in companies like the Mulliez Family, Aciano Logistics, J&J, offering a format of presentation and discussion on traditional industry disruption and related startups, technologies, and cultural trends
  • As an advisor for startups who need quarterly feedback on their progress and have questions about effectively building their communities and marketplaces
  • As a interviewee and partner for innovation projects where teams need outside expert input and information on sharing and on-demand economy trends
  • As a marketing maven, community strategist, and marketplace expert, helping new sharing economy and on-demand marketplaces get exposure through a combination of content, connections, and events